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So, I watched this movie lastnite..was pretty good, supposed to be cheesy B rated movie, but turned out to be kinda interesting... it's about this kid in this alternative band, and his grandfather owns a owned by his dad...yes, it's, he goes out there, after not having seen his family in year, only to attend his mom's funeral.. (or grandmothers, can't remember)..and well, he and his whole band get stuck there with murders going on... a must see that I think is more interesting than Cabin Fever..anyway, it has an interesting twist at the end.. rent it from Movie Gallery..not blockbuster... ok, that's my two cents..i'm outtie...

Rev.Kasha Bane666
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Can I get the title of that film you rented? or is it called Slash? It sounds really cool
yes, it's called, "Slash".... definately a must see... enjoy... :) thanks for replying....
hey no problem! and thanks for that title... it's been kinda slow here, so I'm glad some others are posting! =)